Bringing (data) science to the art of compensation

FairOffer is based on an analysis of thousands of (public + private) compensation data points.

Today, compensation is based on low-sample size benchmarks that quickly go stale. We had access to a wide range of data; instead of building another benchmark database, we did something different. We built a data science model to identify the predictive effects of function, title, location, and stage of company.

The result: a generative model that robustly simulates compensation across 2.4 million scenarios. It's not perfect, but it's incredibly accurate at estimating a fair offer for any title. Any stage. Anywhere.

Where did you source your data?

The Fair Offer Framework is an AI-augmented compensation model, developed based on thousands of data points, both:

  • public sources (e.g., job postings, salary websites), and
  • private ones (anonymized, aggregated data from offer letters, promotions, and internal compensation leveling at startups)
Why shouldn’t I just use a benchmarking tool?

Benchmarks are an important input! But they do not (by themselves) allow hiring managers / recruiters to generate a clean offer out of the box, for three major reasons:

  1. Spotty data, especially for globally distributed workforces
  2. An isolated benchmark without the context of a comp philosophy or framework makes it harder to communicate compensation to employees and candidates… not to mention the compensation “journey” as the employee grows and company advances.
  3. Wide, imprecise ranges resulting in muddy data (e.g., in salary bands — $150-220K base; or company stage — $100-250M raised)
  4. Benchmarks go stale quickly because each combination (e.g., "Staff engineer in Memphis TN at a Series B company") needs new data to be updated. However, a data science approach allows you to detect trends in the underlying factors (staff engineer trends x Memphis trends x Series B trends) to better predict what a competitive, market offer should look like. Skate to where the puck is going, not where it's at.

Based on hundreds of conversations with HR teams, compensation experts, hiring managers, and executives, we’ve devised a solution to these deficiencies in how compensation is handled today.

Can I roll this out for my team (with / without customization)?

Absolutely! We're in early / beta access on a compensation management product that lets you leverage the Fair Offer model, but train it and tailor it to your specific organization and needs.

Just email us at, with your company's headcount, HR / Cap table tools, and we'll get in touch as soon as we're able to take you off our waitlist! Please feel free to include any other relevant context.

What if I have feedback or data for you?

We greatly appreciate any input! The more data we get, the better we can train our model to get you even better.

Please email us at with your inputs and what you would have expected to see as the estimated compensation.